Here are a few of the endorsements to my work.

Patrick McGovern – Senior Director of Methodology and Tooling – Unisys

I worked with Shakthi at Unisys when we were first building our team. Shakthi was one of the first 3 or 4 team members we had as we built the team to a much larger size. we had no infrastructure, no processes, and no time. Shakthi, in his role as Configuration Manager, set the foundation for a globally distributed team by planning out the infrastructure, establishing processes and training new team members. Shakthi’s attention to detail allowed me to relax when a project was in his hands. He also went out of his way to mentor team members. His abilities here were quickly recognized outside of our group and soon he was delivering training to the entire organization.  Shakthi’s technical acumen was impressive enough but he was also a pleasure to work with. His exemplary communications skills and good humor made the intercontinental teleconferences more collegial and easier to bear at the odd hours we had to hold them

Ernie Cordell – Computer Software Consultant and Professional

Shakthi has provided me with insights into the solutions of the most complex technical problems when the symptoms were vague and evasive manifestations of diverse approaches from various teams. He has shared with me both the burdens and benefits of preserving legacy functionality while introducing emerging technologies. I respect him as a person as well as his ethic and his efforts.

Reji Thomas Cherian – VP  (T.M.E) – Capgemini Consulting

Shakthi has the required mix of skills and ability to quickly capture situation. He is adept at solving a problem. Likes to explore paths and trends not tried by others and at times sticks to the trodden path if unsure of outcome. He has travesered life through many dimensions

Susmitha J S – Senior Consultant – Capgemini Consulting

Shakthi is a wonderful manager. His people management skiils are commendable and he has an innate ability to create a homely atmosphere around him. He is a treasure house of knowledge spread across platforms and technologies. The fact that he has single handedly built a team of around 20 people comprising from experienced to freshers and guided them to be the stars of the project proves his abilities as a manager.Wokring with him is always a pleasure, entertaining and refreshing. I recommend that he will be a most valuable manager for any organization

Sumana Samuk – Account Director – Ogilvy & Mather

It was a pleasure to work with Shakthi with his smart knowledge and expertise in technology. Shakthi is a deadline oriented, proactive and responsible colleague with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. Can focus on many tasks at once. I was impressed by his manner of doing business. He is always prepared and articulates his message clearly. His personality could be described as: Eager, Forward Thinking, a Listener, Organized, and Compassionate, not to forget – his great sense of humour.

 Heemanshu Pandey – SEO Manager at Sun Marketing Agency

Shakthi is an expert in ideation, technology and processes. He has worked across different domains and created opportunities for benchmark standardizing of processes and technological practices.As part of this he has established processes for process, Delivery, Client Engagement etc.. Had a wonderful time working with him

Niharika Lepcha – Media Strategist – Digital & New Media at i-Vista Digital Solutions

“Plethora of Information ” that is Shakti . A very relaible, organized and eternally upbeat person . His knowledge about technology is unparalled in this industry.Absolute pleasure to work with

Sherin Varghese – SEO Expert

Shakthi, is a visionary technologist with the ability to communicate and win support for his ideas as well as the execution skills necessary to bring them into being. He has always been an enthusiastic, motivating & an on going example of what I look for in leadership who also has time to spend with individual team members. It was really great to work with him in different Project levels! He is open-minded when it comes to technology & really helped my team to the best

Parag Sachania – Senior Consultant – Capgemini Consulting

Shakthi, as I’ve known him while we were associated with the delivery of the Fairpoint project has been an extremely knowledgeable, versatile and skillful manager who comes with an expertise in various domains across business and industry verticals, performs beyond expectations with great zeal, thus inspiring his subordinates towards similar success strategies. More so, due to the reason that He has tremendous domain know-how and can speak to communicate so much with very little effort. His role as a Build and Release manager ensured that there were no slippages in terms of timelines and standards as well as source control. While working with him, I have gained lot of knowledge, especially on Source control strategies and its benefits and adaptability. I would any day recommend Shakthi for the capabilities he comes with

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